Power VCT Consulting, Inc.

Wedding officiant

Custom and Private wedding ceremonies delivered by Power VCT Ministries Officiant(s).  We work smart make to ensure your special day and ceremony is exactly as you envisioned!"

I’ve always believed that a perfect ceremony uniquely reflects the people it is honoring.  No two humans are exactly alike, so why should our life’s most precious ceremonies be copied-and-pasted?

While I honor traditions, I believe that customs can be made even more beautiful by personalizing them to pay tribute to the individuals we are celebrating and if you’re not drawn to a particular tradition, then it’s a priceless opportunity to create your own!

Please let us assist in your memorable day and don't forget to add Power VCT Productions to play your special songs at the wedding reception.

Power VCT Ministries

Minister Vincent C. Thomas, Sr.

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